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Results – The Ultimate Fighter 6, Episode 5

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The Ultimate Fighter Serra vs Hughes — Episode Five Recap
By Thomas Gerbasi

CAUTION: SPOILERS INCLUDED — Team Hughes trails Team Serra 3-1 entering episode five of The Ultimate Fighter. Can the former UFC Welterweight Champion inspire his team and get them to turn things around this week?

The latest member of Team Hughes to fall is Blake Bowman, who got stopped by Richie Hightower after injuring his knee. Again, Hughes is not happy with these latest developments, and neither is the only member of Team Hughes to win a fight thus far, Mac Danzig.

“Blake got tossed around the cage by a little turd with a Mohawk,” said Danzig. “If I would have fought Richie and lost I would seriously consider retiring.”

And Danzig didn’t just save his venom for the confessional room, as he made his feelings known to all his housemates and to Bowman himself, saying “He’s not a real fighter.”

The bad blood really heats up when Danzig’s buddy Andy Wang gets stopped by Bowman’s close friend Cole Miller in the TUF5 finale the fighters were allowed to watch on television.

All this time, Matt Serra is loving every minute of what’s going on with his opponent’s team, mainly to see Hughes uncomfortable. But Hughes is not about to let these matters break his team apart, so he lets them know in a meeting that this type of behavior isn’t good for morale or team unity.

Back to fighting matters, Hughes is prepared to send Jared Rollins into battle in this week’s fight, but bad news hits the house when it is revealed that Paul Georgieff’s teenage cousin passed away suddenly. Georgieff is given the opportunity to go home for the wake and funeral and return to the house, but only on the condition that he fights before he goes, so Georgieff is pitted against the fighter who he thinks he matches up best against — Troy Mandaloniz.

And though Georgieff is seen as the superior ground fighter, once the bell rings, he opts to trade with the heavy-handed “Rude Boy”. It works for him for a while and he is effective on the mat against Mandaloniz, but when the fight goes back to the feet, Georgieff is drilled with a single right hand that ends the fight and puts another win on the board for Team Serra.

With the win, Team Serra is now in the lead by a score of 4-1. Team Hughes has to win the remaining three fights just to even the score. Here’s how the teams look.

Joe Scarola — Eliminated in week one by Mac Danzig
George Sotiropoulos
Matt Arroyo 1-0
John Kolosci 1-0
Ben Saunders
Roman Mitichyan — Eliminated during week one due to injury
Jon Koppenhaver
Troy Mandaloniz 1-0
Richie Hightower 1-0

Dan Barrera
Mac Danzig 1-0
Tommy Speer
Billy Miles — Eliminated in week three by John Kolosci
Jared Rollins
Paul Georgieff — Eliminated in week five by Troy Mandaloniz
Dorian Price — Eliminated in week two by Matt Arroyo
Blake Bowman — Eliminated in week four by Richie Hightower


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