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UFC Conference Call Detailed News Recap – Part One

Here is part one of our recap from the UFC media conference call with Dana White, Brock Lesnar, Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva. Check back at later for part two.

-Dana would not say that this call is a coincidence. He said “Is there a chance that I would put on a conference call to f*** randy couture, no”

-Dana makes mention of the fact that Brock is a huge name in the WWE world. He says that Brock is a great wrestler and that is the reason the UFC signed him. THey have high hopes for him.

-They are going to do 12 Live fight nights on Spike TV. They have a great relationship with Spike. They have delivered good cards for the Spike and SPike delivers the ratings.

-When DAna comes

-Dana was asked how long Randy had left on his UFC contract. He said Randy just signed a new contract 8 months ago and “I got him”. Says that Randy has yet to say tthat he wants to fight other places.

-New SpikeTV deal is for 4 years. They are commited to 26 episodes of TUF each year for the next 2 years. 1 season of tuf in 2010 and they are trying to put together a brand new fight show but there isnt much info about what they are trying with that right now. There are other shows in the works that the UFC and SPike think are going to be big hits.

-UFC will not be doing anything during half time for the superbowl.

-It looks like BJ Penn will possibly be fighting in December

-Dana says that every time they have gone to different places they have broken venue records so the reception has been good.

-Until Randy tells him otherwise he is still considered the heavyweight champ. He plans on trying to schedule a meeting with Randy now that he is back in town.

-There are plans to go to Chicago next year. As as sson as they are legal in Chicago they will be there.

-Dana says that Andre Arlovski has not been forgotten. He is just kind of sittin on the bench right now. Says they are trying to get him back.

-Says he doesnt regret HBO going through. Wants partners and people that are going to help them grow.

-Dana says he isnt trying to bury boxing.

-DAna says ticket sales for UFC 78 have been great. They plan on selling out.

-Dana talks about how happy he is to finally have the Silva and Liddell fight

-Dana talks more about 78 and runs down the card.

-Dana talks about Silva and Liddell more. Talks about the ups and downs.

-Chuck says that he wanted to fight Wanderlei for a long time. Thinks it is a great style matchup.

-Dana thinks that they may possibly end up with an HBO deal someday but now is not the time

-Dana talks about other organizations make the young talent. Talks about how many companies he has seen come and go over the years.

-Chuck says that he wants to get in and knocked Wanderlei out. He also wants to get back into contention.

-Wanderlei he says it is an opprutunity for him to go back to the top. He wants to knock out Chuck and then wants the belt.

-Brocks first fight will be Superbowl Saturday.

-Brock says the reason he wants to be big in the sport is for Pride and dignity.

-Dana was asked if the events that could happen in the UK and that will air on Spike will be quality events that would appear on PPV in North America.

-Brock hopes that no one can out-wrestle him in the UFC. He trains extensively on his striking and Jiu-Jitsu.

-Dana says that even though Brock was in the UFC, fighters better take him seriosuly. He is a huge guy and has to cut weight to get to the 265lbs limit. He is a true athlete and the UFC will make sure the public takes Lesnar seriously.

-Brock says he understands the circumstances. Says he has had one MMA fight that he won even though the guy was a tuna-can, but whatever. He will be well-prepared going into the Octagon and is not setting himself up for defeat.

-Dana talks a bit about how big TUF has been for them and how much talent they have seen come from the show. Puts over Forrest Griffin and his win over Shogun

-Dana tells a UK reporter that they are working on a TV deal to show live fights in the UK

-Dana comments on Frank Warren (UK reporter) saying that the UFC is a flash in the pan. Says Warren is an old school boxing guy and the UFC scares guys like him.

-4-5 possible UK shows next year

-Brock is asked if he is glad to be out of the WWE with all of the deaths happening. Brock replies “Absolutely”.

-Dana says the 2 biggest reality shows on TV are American Idol and TUF. None of the other shit matters.

-No idea who the TUF 7 coaches will be but they are kicking around some ideas.

-Dana is asked about Kurt Angle. Says that Kurt is a good guy and he likes him. Puts over ANgles wrestlings credentials. Thinks that Kurt just wants to jump right from Pro-wrestling and give it a go. Dana says that if Kurt does that he will “get his f***ing ass kicked”

-Any Fight Night in Vegas will be done at the Palms

-Dana was asked about ProElite streaming the Couture Presser. Dana didnt say anything bad about Couture. Calls internet whores and says they will do anything to get them to go to their site.

-Brock Lesnar opponent is unknown right now but they will be putting him up against someone they feel can test him.

-Dana says they will be trying to go to a Latino country soon.

-Brock says that had the UFC been big back in 2001 he probably would have strongly considered it. He signed with the WWE because he had a huge contract sitting in front of him right out of college.

-Brock tells everyone the big difference between WWE and UFC. WWE is fake and UFC is the real deal. Says that Vince McMahons TV made him a huge name.

-Dana says that this whole situation with Couture is really weird. It just does not seem like him. Says he never said No to couture about anything. Says he is Randy Couture “Little Bitch” lol

-Dana says that the Fertitas, Dana, and Randy had a meeting about a month ago and Randy was pissed off about quite a few things. He wouldnt go into detail about the things he was pissed about but there was obviously something going on.

-Dana says that Fedor SUCKS. He isnt even top 5 heavyweight in the world.


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