Saturday, July 2, 2022

Boxer Jeff Lacy Trashes MMA, Sounds Stupid Doing So

The following are some quotes from pro boxer Jeff Lacy, who fights The Contender reality star Peter Manfredo Jr. on the undercard of the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton PPV show:

“I don't think that we really paid much attention to them. I see that as a fad, to tell you the truth. To me it's not a sport. I used to see that in my old neighborhood in the Bronx. The fact of the matter is if you look at it with all their hype and all the rest of the stuff, Oscar de la Hoya verses Mayweather itself in the aggregate grossed as much as almost all of their MMA fights of the year, one fight,” Lacy said. “Now you're going to add this card that's coming up now, between the two cards, they out-grossed the entire MMA fights for the year.”

Lacy continued:

“It's still not as popular as boxing. Boxing is the second most popular sport in the world, next to soccer, and MMA is just something that's come along. They've done a great job of marketing it. For people that remember it, there's nobody on the level of Oscar de la Hoya, Ray Leonard, Ali, or Jeff Lacy or any of these guys.”

  • Everyone mentions Ali, “Sugar” Ray, De La Hoya and Lacy in the same sentence ….well, don't they? Someone get Joe Calzaghe on the horn so this dude can have some more sense beaten into him…or out of him, judging from the above comments.


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