Sunday, June 26, 2022

CompuStrike At Octagonside For UFC 78 “Validation”

Bob Canobbio sent along the following:

To my fellow MMA colleagues:

As you may already know, CompuBox, the company that brought punch statistics to boxing, is now providing its latest program, CompuStrike, to the Mixed Martial Arts community. On Saturday November 17th, CompuStrike will be at octagonside to tally arm strikes, leg strikes, takedowns, submission attempts and other statistics for each fight during UFC-78: Validation.

The CompuStrike numbers will be available directly at the CompuStrike website ( and through other outlets, including SI.COM, the web component of Sports Illustrated. The CompuStrike program produces data in 18 categories covering standing and ground combat. The numbers will include breakdowns of arm strikes (into power and clinch strikes) and leg strikes (into kicks and knees), as well as takedowns and submission attempts. Additionally, strikes are further measured by those thrown and landed, along with the respective connecting percentage for each fighter. Tallied arm and leg strikes produce a “total strike” count.

I encourage you to visit our site to see what we’re offering with this weekend’s UFC-78 and with past events. In addition to live event coverage, we are accumulating a database of fighter and event statistics, which we’ll archive and use for other analysis as we cover future events.


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