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Detailed Recap Of Fighters On Ferrall's UFC Special

“Spinach” from the forums sent in the following recap of UFC fighters and personalities who appeared on the Scott Ferrall sports show on SIRIUS 101 this past Saturday night, prior to the big UFC 78 “Validation” event in Newark, New Jersey.

For those who want to listen to some audio clips from the interviews with fighters on the show, click here.

Matt Serra & Matt Aroyo

* Talking about Liddell …. thinks he'll bounce back
* Talking about them shooting a pilot together
* Talking about TUF has changed him …. Took TUF-4 just as an opportunity to expose his school
* Says he doesn't need any help getting motivated for Hughes

Jens Pulver walks in

* Talking to Aroyo about being on Bubbla The Love Sponge's show
* Asking Serra about waiting so long to fight again …. Says he could of had two more fights now.
* Talking about Joe Scarola …. Both of them say he made his bed ….. kind of walking around it
* Asking Aroyo who is a better teacher …. of course he says Serra
* Serra says Dorian Price is now moving to NY to train w/ him
* Asking if he can keep the gyms going after he is done fighting …. Says he is always going to teach …. he has 4-5 guys teaching with him
* Aroyo trained BJJ 4 years …. first fight a year ago
* 6 weeks out from the fight …. training is going well

Jens Pulver, Matt Serra, & Matt Aroyo

* Talking about when Jens started fighting … UFC 22 in Lake Charles, LA…. $750
* Fighting Dec. 12 for the WEC on Versus
* Says he has always fought for the fans
* Aroyo is fighting in the TUF finale …. but he can't say who he is fighting … trains at Gracie Tampa South
* Serra is looking forward to when MMA gets scantioned in NY
* Talking about how he met his wife …. his brother met his sister
* Says he will be prepared for all w/ Hughes
* Talking about Hughes passing out bibles on TUF
* Hughes and Jens first met at their first UFC event …. then he moved to Iowa to train with everyone at MFS
* Asking about who they think is the toughest guy they have seen in MMA …. Jens says Jeremy Horn …. Serra won't pick …. Aroyo says Fedor
* Jens said he would like to see Hammil get pulled out tonight and get his hand raised
* Talking about all the fights tonight …. no one really picking anyone
* Asking on how they prepared to be coaches on TUF …. Matt says he doesn't try to coach things that are interest, just trying to push the basics
* Jens made it a game …. keep them mentally ready
* Serra asks Jens if the producers gave him hell for not being in the corner when his two guys were fighting …. he says no …. Serra is ticked about that …. he says he can't wait for next weeks episode

Clay Guida & Marcus Davis

* Marcus lives in Main, but trains in Boston and sometimes w/ Rich Franklin
* Says Anderson Silva has the best stand-up in the world
* Thinks Dan Henderson is the one guy right now in the UFC that can beat him
* Talking about his last fight
* 10 win streak
* Fighting In the UK at 81 against Jess Liaudin
* Says he is training non stop except for two days off for Turkey day and two days off for x-mas
* Says nothing he does in his career will matter unless he can provide for his family so his children can succeed more than him
* Says on TUF he was a one dimensional boxer …. made him open his eyes to what he needed to do …. the UFC released him and told him to get better

Now talking to Clay

* Talking about his last fight against Tyson Griffin and how a lot of people think it was the fight of the year.
* Talking about his fight against Marcus Aurelio
* Talking about fighting Huerta on Dec. 8, his birthday!!!!
* Marcus says Clay is too big and too strong for Huerta and hasn't fought the guys Clay has
* Scott talking about Heurta's big balls again
* Ferrall talking about Urijah Faber's butt drop move.
* Ferrall asks him if training in the cold affects him …. says he has been training in it his whole life
* Ferrall asking Marcus how many times he has broken his nose …. Says there isn't much left in it …. his kids play with it a lot
* Marcus says there is a big difference between boxing and MMA …. he realized that ….. says that any boxer who thinks he can jump into MMA right away is wrong

Jon Fitch

* Not fighting until March
* Thinks he should fight the loser of Serra/Hughes or winner of Karo/Chonan
* Says Diego pushed the auction so hard there was no room to strike
* Says people are unaware of how strong he is …. he baits people w/ submissions so he can strike
* Talking about IU/Purdue stuff ….. Jon went to Purdue and Scott went to IU
* Jon says Purdue has all the big girls
* Wrestled at Purdue …. Gene Keady would invite the wrestlers to eat with the basketball team
* Right now doing a lot of technical training and letting his body heal
* Thinks Rashad is going to be too much for Bisping
* Thinks Fisher/Edgar will be fight of the night


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