Monday, June 27, 2022

Exclusive: Manny Reyes Jr. Writes In To Set Story Straight

Manny Reyes Jr. sent along the following:

Thank you for your time. I was forwarded the article of the event December 1st that I am fighting at in Orlando, Fl. (King of the Street). I understand that I am not well liked in MMA and I take Full Responsibility for my past actions and for allowing my Ex-Manager Pops Krasnoo and the people around him to write as me on the U.G. Forums and for Marketing me in a Negative way the way they did but its been 2-Years since I fought in MMA because the past 2-years I was out fighting for Chuck Norris's World Combat League and for the PKA and I fought in a number of K1-Rules matches but now that I'm back in MMA it will be different. #1 I'm being trained in JJS and MMA by Machado JJS Miami Rep. Frank Morejon. #2 I'm a member of Team Machado Miami. #3 I'm Motivated to do well in MMA and be Humble and conduct myself in a Positive manner. I'm no longer talking….or allowing myself to associate with the wrong people. I'm going to let my actions as a Professional Fighter speak for itself. The old Manny Reyes Jr. is gone, yes I regret allowing my MMA career to be Managed and destroyed by these people I allowed around me. One last thing, I've only lost once in MMA…this is a fact….as you know my Loss came to Hermes Franca. Hermes is a Great Fighter whom I Respect. I lost that Match no Excuses but it is indeed the only Loss I have had in MMA. Sherdog's Data Base is Correct. As for Dec. 1st this is a good fight for me because I feel I'm Re-Starting my Career. Yes I have Experience, Yes I have Won 2-King of the Cage Events etc…. but its been 2-years and I'm starting new. It will be a new Manny Reyes Jr. Trust me….Thank you for your time….

Manny Reyes Jr.


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