Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Luke Cummo Discusses UFC Fighter Meeting, Next Fight

The following is a blog entry from Ultimate Fighter star and UFC veteran Luke Cummo's MySpace page:

November ’07 Update }:-)

My son is 4 weeks old already. Its amazing watching him grow so fast! I am looking forward to when my wife goes back to work in January and I will be Mr. Mom.

I went to Las Vegas yesterday only for the day because there was a mandatory UFC meeting for all fighters. Basically they had different aspects of the corporation represented, including the Nevada State Athletic Comission, doctors, lawyers, production and public relations, etc.

Anyway I emailed the matchmaker to see if I could get on the Dec. 29th card when Matt Serra defends his belt. Unfortunately they have filled all the matches up so I'm on the waiting list in case someone gets injured. I'll be taking over for Ray Longo a little while he's out in Vegas with Matt. Then once my schedule changes I'll start fight training and look to book something for early-ish 2008.

Thanks everyone for your positive emails. Check out my website if I take too long to respond. I'm on and off the forums throughout the day and answer as many questions as I can. I'm also taking applications for people who want to stay in my apartment building for 5-14 days to do personal training and Lifefood Nutritional Fasting.


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