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MMA Betting Research – Bet On The Underdogs (Column)

Justin Goff from sent along the following:

We recently posted a detailed article about UFC betting and how the underdogs have been prevailing since UFC 67.

You can check it out here:

Underdogs bring home the cheddar in main bouts – UFC betting case study
November 22, 2007

In the past ten major UFC events (UFC 67-77), the underdogs are cashing in at a much higher rate than the odds suggest they should. After reviewing the fight odds and results from each UFC event, we have concluded that an underdog is the better wager in main event fights as well as fights in which there is a heavy favorite (-500 or more).

Main UFC bouts

  • For the majority of UFC events, there are two major fights on the card. This is usually a heavyweight bout and a middleweight or welterweight bout. In these main bouts on each card, the underdogs went 10-11, and would have netted you $1560 in profit had you bet $100 on each fight. On the other end of the spectrum, the favorites in these fights were 11-10 and if you were to bet each of their odds to win $100 (Ex. -250 would be betting $250 to win $100.), you would be in the hole -$2505.

    To read the complete article on the site, click here.


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