Saturday, July 2, 2022 Exclusive Pre-UFC 78 Interview w/ Ryo Chonan

Contract Killers Offer five minute interview with Ryo Chonan

Sid Needelman Reporting… and with help from Ryo’s newest sponsor, Contract Killer.

RYO CHONAN INTERVIEW (NOV. 15, 2007) How has the transition been coming to the U.S., to fight here and train here?

Ryo Chonan: The level of MMA has come a long way in America. The training here has really helped me. You have been training at Team Quest I have heard. Who have you been training with at Team Quest? How have they helped you?

Ryo Chonan: I've been training with Dan Henderson, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Sokoudjou, and the rest of Team Quest. Being around a team this strong has helped me improve a lot. Is your training for the UFC different then your past training for PRIDE? Seems like an important thing to know as not everyone, such as Mirko CroCop have made an easy transition?

Ryo Chonan: Yes. I've been working on how to use the cage and elbows effectively in a fight. What are your thoughts on your opponent, Karo Parisyan?

Ryo Chonan: He's a tough fighter. How have you been preparing specifically to fight Karo?

Ryo Chonan battles Karo Parisyan at UFC 78 …

Ryo Chonan: I plan to be active during the fight and move constantly so he can't hold me down. How many fights will you be in the UFC?

Ryo Chonan: I have a three fight contract. What do you miss the most about Japan while in the U.S.?

Ryo Chonan: Nothing. I have a lot of good friends here in the U.S. What color will your hair be for this fight?

Ryo Chonan: Red.

Contract Killers, Ryo’s newest sponsors, are not new to the world. They are a well established paint ball gear company who noticed a small issue. Fighters kept asking for their stuff, so starting with Ryo in this weekend’s fight in the UFC, the company launches their MMA wear including the shorts similar to that you will see on any fighter these days as the Ken Shamrock style Speedo is no longer the norm.

Then in Full force at the NAMMAE (MMA convention in California) on December 1st and 2nd, the launch is in full swing. Joining companies such as Bloody Knuckles, and organizations like the IFL, in a public consumer and industry insider convention. In the same weekend you can get yourself a Contract Killer shirt, you can also meet Tito Ortiz or take a lesson with his former opponent, Randy Couture during his seminars on either day.

Make sure to check out Ryo Chonan in action live on pay-per view this Saturday, November 17th for UFC 78 “Validation”. For more information, visit


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