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Results – The Ultimate Fighter 6, Episode 7

The following is a recap of episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter 6, courtesy of the official TUF 6 website:

The Ultimate Fighter Serra vs Hughes — Episode Seven

Recap By Thomas Gerbasi

CAUTION: SPOILERS INCLUDED — After its fifth win in six fights, Team Serra has taken control of selections for the quarterfinal matchups on season six of The Ultimate Fighter. Team Hughes still has two shots left to get its fighters into those quarterfinals — will it succeed?

It isn’t looking too good after the recent defeat of Dan Barrera by Ben Saunders, and coach Matt Hughes has reached the end of his rope, even wishing that he wasn’t on the show anymore. UFC President Dana White is taken aback by Hughes’ reaction, saying he has never seen the former two-time welterweight champ like this. White speaks to Hughes and suggests that he regroup and give his team hell in practice.

Hughes responds in kind, but not before a team meeting where he lets his squad know how he feels and that he won’t be quitting.

“I’m here because I think I need to be,” he says.

The team is again pushed to the limit in practice, a tactic which doesn’t sit too well with Mac Danzig, the only Team Hughes member to win a fight thus far. Mainly, the veteran is disheartened by Hughes’ tactics with the more inexperienced fighters, and he lets a couple of teammates know about it.

This week’s fight will pit Team Hughes’ Jared `J-Rock’ Rollins against Team Serra’s George Sotiropoulos, and while Hughes’ team is dealing with plenty of drama, the extent of drama so far on Serra’s side is that Saunders and other team members are upset that Sotiropoulos doesn’t wake them up in the morning.

Back in Hughes’ camp, there were worries that a rib injury would keep Rollins from fighting, but after a trip to the doctor, he was cleared to compete, and he even got into a bit of gamesmanship with Sotiropoulos at the weigh-in. But once the fight got underway, Sotiropoulos was in control behind some crisp counterpunching, with Rollins unable to get his foe to the mat, and with a minute and a half left in the round, Sotiropoulos dropped Rollins hard with a left uppercut, and the follow-up barrage caused referee Steve Mazzagatti to halt the bout in Team Serra’s favor.

With the win, Team Serra now ups its record to 6-1 with one preliminary round fight left to go.

Joe Scarola — Eliminated in week one by Mac Danzig
George Sotiropoulos 1-0
Matt Arroyo 1-0
John Kolosci 1-0
Ben Saunders 1-0
Roman Mitichyan — Eliminated during week one due to injury
Jon Koppenhaver
Troy Mandaloniz 1-0
Richie Hightower 1-0

Dan Barrera — Eliminated in week six by Ben Saunders
Mac Danzig 1-0
Tommy Speer
Billy Miles — Eliminated in week three by John Kolosci
Jared Rollins — Eliminated in week seven by George Sotiropoulos
Paul Georgieff — Eliminated in week five by Troy Mandaloniz
Dorian Price — Eliminated in week two by Matt Arroyo
Blake Bowman — Eliminated in week four by Richie Hightower


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