Thursday, July 7, 2022

Sherk Camp Not Happy With New CSAC Appeal Hearing Date

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Howard Jacobs, the attorney representing UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk in his appeal of a California State Athletic Commission suspension for suspected steroid use, has formally protested the latest scheduled hearing date of Tuesday, Dec. 4 in Los Angeles. Sherk’s case has already been postponed twice.

Jacobs said all parties involved, including commissioners and the state’s legal counsel — Deputy Attorney General Karen Chappelle — had agreed to reconvene for a Nov. 13 hearing, provided they could secure a room in which to conduct it.

“I seemingly can’t force them to give me an explanation as to why the deputy attorney general suddenly became unavailable [for Nov. 13] when she said she was available,” Jacobs said. “I can’t get them to explain to me why there’s no one in the entire State Attorney General’s office who can handle the case or why — if there was another matter that came up for Karen Chappelle — she can’t postpone that matter, because she already agreed to this one. I’ve asked for answers to all those questions, and I haven’t been told anything.”

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