Saturday, July 2, 2022

Tons Of News & Notes From Dana White On Ferrall Show

The following are some news and notes recapped from UFC president Dana White's appearance on the Scott Ferrall show on Sirius channel 101. The recap bullet-points are courtesy of “Spinach” from the forums.

Dana White…..

  • Has been talking about wanting to hit all the major cities like Boston, New York City, etc. for a while. Says the reason they haven't been in NYC yet is because they haven't really tried. Claims the company is looking to do a show in Madison Square Garden next year.
  • Is excited to be doing a show at the new arena in New Jersey.
  • Says people who consider the UFC 78 card lame aren't real fight fans. Then proceeds to put over some of the bigger and exciting fights scheduled for the show.
  • Mentions the winner of the Rashad Evans vs. Michael Bisping main event will be in the top five at 205 lbs.
  • Says the December card, which currently features Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra, is growing into a mega-card. (With the announcement of Sokoudjou's debut against the highly regarded “Lyoto” Machida, I don't think anyone would disagree.)
  • Talks about how every card in 2008 will be a super card for MMA fans and casual fans-alike.
  • Talks about Brock Lesnar and mentions how he's a huge guy, a real wrestler and feels he can make the transition into mixed-martial arts.
  • Is asked by a caller who he feels the most underrated fighters are in the UFC right now. He mentions Dan Henderson and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson by name.
  • Goes on to again mention how he considers Fedor “a farce” and says after Mirko CroCop, Fedor has fought nobody. (Yet he also destroyed Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, the man Dana White officially offered to Randy Couture, still UFC champion at this point – twice. Wouldn't that make Nogueira the UFC's number one Heavyweight if Couture stays retired/resigned? Oh well.)
  • Goes on to say that he feels Randy Couture is the number one Heavyweight in the world and that Fedor should not be at the top of anyone's top-10 list.
  • Is asked by a caller about changing the judging system in MMA. He talks about the sport still being young and that the state-athletic commissions make the decisions on how the fights are judged.
  • Is asked by a caller why the fighters don't make good money in the sport. He mentions how Keith Jardine did not make only $15,000 defeating Chuck Liddell and that he was paid “very well.”
  • Says as the sport grows there will be more talented athletes entering in.
  • Is asked by the host, Scott Ferrall, about simalcasting the UFC PPV shows on Sirius Satelitte Radio. He says he's all for it.
  • Is asked by a caller specifically why he thinks Fedor is not a top fighter. He says he is not the top Heavyweight and should not be in the top 10 pound for pound at all. He says he only talked to Fedor's represenatives once and doesn't even think they feel he's top 10, otherwise he'd be in the UFC proving he is.
  • Talks a bit about the WEC promotion and how they showcase the lighter weight divisions.
  • Says he'll be on the Ferrall show again on Saturday (fight day) at around 4PM.


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