Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Aleksander Emelianenko Gets Into Scuffle At A Bar

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PRIDE veteran Aleksander Emelianenko got into a bar fight in Moscow last night. According to, Aleksander was in the company of two female companions last night when a group of intoxicated men at a nearby table began to get loud and rowdy. The table of drunk men then proceeded to direct some “inappropriate” remarks at Aleksander’s female cohorts. Aleksander, being the great man that he is, decided to stand up for the two ladies. He approached the table of hoodlums and shortly after, a fight erupted. Several chairs were thrown, and almost immediately the thugs realized they picked a fight with the wrong guy. Before long the hoodlums were screaming and crying for help.

At this point, security officials rushed to the scene and handcuffed Aleksander, mistaking him for the culprit. While detained, Aleksander gave his account of the story at which point in time the officials realized that they had taken the wrong guy. After 20 minutes of being held captive, Aleksander Emelianenko was released and even offered to be escorted back to his hotel to which the gentle giant refused.

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