Thursday, July 7, 2022

Ben Saunders Wants Rematch From TUF 6 w/ Tommy Speer

The following is a post on from Ultimate Fighter season six star Ben Saunders:

From: Ben Saunders
Date: 12/02/07 05:39 PM

Guys as most of you all already know my pre-fight situation. My sinus infection, the # of various meds I took, along with not being able to breath properly definitely all played a huge role. I tried my best but my body was just too weak to perform well.
I don't take the win away from Tommy. He was one of the nicest guys on the show. I hope the best for him and he is tough as nails. If he gets with a good camp or just becomes more technical and well rounded he is gonna be steam rolling through people. He is very young and talented so I look forward to watching him evolve in the UFC.

I do want a rematch though, I somewhat feel I deserve one. But I don't have control over that aspect of the sport. All I can do is continue to request it. I feel the fight would be different if I was healthy. I used no stand up in that fight, I used no takedown defense which I feel I am good at, and showed no where near how active my guard truly is.

All I can do is put on a good show come December 8th, and then hope the fans want to see a rematch with me and Tommy. I believe in the end it is up to you guys and whether or not the fight will sell tickets or want to be viewed. But I feel no matter where the fight takes place I have the tools to make it an exciting fight.

Do I get any support in my request for a rematch? =(


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