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Reyes Jr. Files Complaint w/ Florida Boxing Commission

[email protected] sent along the following:

This was fw: to me by a person named Rev. Jackson its from Manny Reyes Jr.

To whom it may concern at the Florida Boxing Commission,

I would like to formally file a COMPLAINT and GRIEVANCE with the Florida State Boxing Commission against the DJB GROUP, its PROMOTER and its MATCH MAKER for the disappointing acts that occurred towards me as a COMPETITOR of the KING OF THE STREET/WORLD EXTREME FIGHTING Event December 1st, 2007.

As you know my match versus Joe Wahlberg (at the last moment) was not approved. I was contacted by JAIME LEVINE to fight at this event 7-weeks prior to the event. I was told I would be fighting Joe Wahlberg who was making his debut. At the moment I felt insulted because I am 8-1 as a Professional in MMA but I agreed to fight Joe Walhberg because I had not fought MMA in 2-years so I thought it would be a good match for me. I did ask Jaime if the Commission would be ok with it and he said yes. Then a few days later Jaime had Time Oneal the events Match maker to get in contact with me and he also assured me everything was ok. I TRAINED HARD FOR 7-Weeks, Really Hard…..

I dropped weight from 173 lbs to 155 lbs, I spent a lot of money on Nutritional Supplements, I spent money on both a Dilated Eye Exam on Blood work that was required for me to fight. I SACRIFICED Valuable time away from my Family to get ready for this event on top of that I lost out on fighting at the KNIGHT FIGHTS Event at the UCF Arena in October where I was offered $1,500 to fight and a Bonus all because I was committed to the King of the Street event on December 1st. I even lost out by taking time off from work to prepare for my bout.

I did EVERYTHING that was asked of me, I drove up on November 30th all the way from Miami (with my Family) and went to the weigh-ins and CONDUCTED MYSELF as a Professional. At the weigh-ins everything with the Commission was good for me and Wahlberg to fight. Again, I did everything that was asked of me I even went and ran outside the arena to lose the last 2-pounds and make my weight at 155.9. I put in so much hard work…. Then Saturday morning I get a DISTURBING call from Tim Oneal telling me that at 1:30am December 1st the Commission did not approve of my match. I asked him why? And he wouldn’t tell me. All he said was that Tom Malloy at 1:30am called the fight off. I was very UPSET! I asked Tim to please give me Tom’s number but he wouldn’t. I called Jaime Levine and he would not answer my calls of reply to my text messages. I called back Tim Oneal and told him that the only possible reason this fight was not approved had to be because of my Record being 8-1 in MMA and Joe Wahlberg being 0-0 and that’s when Tim confessed to me the truth and indeed it was that. I find it hard to believe that Jaime Levine who set this fight up and has been promoting MMA events for years screw this up the way he did. I don’t blame Tim Oneal because even though Tim’s title for this event was Match maker it was Jaime Levine that was running this whole event. Tim was just “playing a role” for Jaime Levine as “Match-maker”. I also find it hard to believe that the Commission knew about this event weeks ago and did not review the card. Had the Commission reviewed the card weeks ago or at least a week before the bout I would have been notified and none of this would have happened instead I get told the morning of the event that I am not fighting and I get tormented and lost out on so much including my purse which I feel I deserve to get.

As a Professional Fighter I have never EXPERIENCED such UNPROFESSIONALISM ever…. And to top it off I brought my Wife and 3 kids, they left disappointed, I was lied to and told weeks before the event I would be given tickets for my Family and when it came down to it Jaime Levine never gave me anything he vanished and everyone he had working for him for this event would avoid me when I would ask them about the tickets or would tell me I needed to get a hold of Jaime. I wasn’t given my hotel room or event info until the day before the Weigh-ins, I had to track down the Gentlemen who runs the DJB Group Comp. to get my Gas expense, and what was also upsetting is that at 7pm December 1st I went to the back of the arena to speak personally to Tom Malloy and no one would get him for me. I feel I am entitled to my purse after everything I worked for. This is my Profession, I was counting on this money for my Family and I DO NOT feel I was at fault for what happened. I feel I have presented the Commission enough evidence to show that I should receive my money because of the errors committed by the Match-maker and by the Commission. If this issue is not corrected I plan to take Legal action because this is just wrong.


Manny Reyes, Jr.


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