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RH13 Press Release: Lightweight Tourney On 12/11

Justin Rubin sent along the following:

Lightweight Tournament, December 11th, 2007

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 8 December, 2007 — “We are doing everything
possible to provide free events and obtain our revenue through
advertisers rather than the fans,” says RioHeroes President Jason
Atkins. “We feel this is the right way to establish that we are the
world's only fight league built by fighters for the fans.” Atkins
promises RioHeroes 13 will deliver the best tournament of the year.
“In RH 13, two former RioHeroes champions will challenge each other
for the final championship in 2007. This event is going to propel us
to an even greater level in 2008,” Atkins said.
Indeed, the battle for the lightweight belt is going to be a truly awe
inspiring display of Vale Tudo. The first match pits Ivanildo “Cafu”
Santos versus Leiarte Azevedo, in a rematch from RioHeroes 9. Cafu is
the best student on the Joao Werdini team who is especially dangerous
with his head butts and dynamic kicks. The Capoeira master claimed the
RioHeroes 6 title, but was unable to continue his first bout with
Azevedo after a suspicious eye-gouge sent him home early. Now Cafu
wants revenge. In the second qualifier, crowd favorite and former
Middleweight Champ Flavio “Sobrevivente” Alvaro drops down to the
lightweight division in the hopes of reclaiming his lost glory. The
“Survivor” is matched up against newcomer and street fighter Ivan “Pit
Bull” Celis.
In the third fight of the evening, Paulo Eduardo da Silva, aka
Bananada, is looking to attempt to avenge his RioHeroes 6 loss to Udi
Lima, a submission specialist whose most dangerous weapon is the
triangulo. But Bananada is no slouch. A calm, cold-blooded fighter,
Bananada is a great floor tactician who will prove a tough test for
Lima. In the final qualifier, Andre Luis de Oliveira, the once night
club brawler is pitted against Miguel Angel Duran Avad, who began his
Muay Thai training in Spain, then honed his skills in Holland and
Thailand. RioHeroes referee Jorge Pereira says Avad has his hands
full. “This is going to be our most intense battle yet,” adds
RioHeroes President Jason Atkins. “We've got a lot of big improvements
in store for 2008 and RioHeroes 13 is just a taste of what's to come.”

About is an entertainment website that showcases Vale Tudo
fighting in its purest form. Broadcasting live from a steel cage in
the heart of Brazil, RioHeroes fighters compete without gloves,
rounds, or time limits in no-holds barred action. The league embraces
the highest levels of honor and integrity common among all Vale Tudo


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