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Worlds Collide: MMA & Boxing In The Same Ring On 12/11

Worlds Collide: MMA & Boxing in the Same Ring

Sid Needelman Reporting…

For the first time ever: World Wide Exposure via Television and Internet for a night from a small VIP club in Miami Florida, a night which will have both boxing and MMA.

Fans who cannot attend the live event can get the Live Webcast at

Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007, at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Miami, FL is the first of these events with 5 more planned for 2008, including stops likely in Texas and Vegas and possibly another Florida event. For the first time in history, a World Championship MMA match and World Championship Boxing match will be held in the same ring on the same night.

To add to the entertainment, the beautiful Women of the Crazy Horse Saloon will host the Live Crowd and the Internet Audience. Normally, and to many people’s surprise as it is a new location to the city, it is indeed a gentleman’s club on any other night of the year, but the Florida Boxing Commission has assured no nudity ringside will be available, nor will glass bottles of liquor or glass beer bottles. Tableside drink service though is a must for the swank crowd and they have a great system to do so.

This morning, fresh of his win over Manny Reyes Jr., Mike Brown said he should be in attendance to watch some of his teammates who are fighting. Mike won in the first round last night for a fight being promoted by American Top Team and Miami Ink., and it will be part of the reality show “Miami Ink.,” next season.

His teammates fighting include, for the World Fighting Organization Heavyweight Championship, American Top Team backflip-known Rinaldi against David Oliver. Oliver is out of Indiana as is Brant Rose, who will be taking on another ATT teammate, Jorge Masvidal.

In a pair of local grudge matches, Cruiserweights Tony Crothers takes on Brent Carraway and Todd Duffy faces off with Mark Haniger. Also, Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist, Alexis “El Monito” Vila, makes his Pro MMA Debut

A Women's bout pits Jessica Aguilar of Miami, FL against Stephanie Palmer of Alabama. Jessica was supposed to fight last week in Russia, but her opponent was not able to fight and she had to deal with the frustration, but also still got to see a country much unlike ours..

In between the MMA fights, the promoters hope to expose some of today’s younger fight fans to real boxing. Undefeated Hector Sanchez of Puerto Rico (12-0, 5 KO's) will take on Cuban star Jose Antonio Izquierdo (16-1, 13 KO's) for the IBA Jr. Welterweight Championship. For those who do not realize how many flags of each hometown will be in attendance, I can assure you if they are smart enough to get them past the door security, they will be in full force.

The Undercard features the sensational Velasquez Twins, Juan Velasquez (5-0) and Carlos Velasquez (4-0). It is too bad some fights have to be called the undercard as there two brothers have been groomed to be huge one day. The question is not will they become national stars, but which one will become a star first.

Worlds Collide: Collision 1 Miami is an exclusive VIP event with limited seating. VIP packages and General Admission tickets can be purchased by calling 1-877-24-FIGHT. Doors open at 5 pm and the action starts at 7. The Crazy Horse Saloon is located at 17800 NE 5th Ave., Miami, FL right off I-95.


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