Tuesday, August 9, 2022

EliteXC Live Results: Nick Diaz Vs. Thomas Denny


Round 1

The Stockton crowd gives the hometown boy Nick Diaz a warm welcome. Denny and Diaz start with straight punches from the inside. Both fighters land but nothing connects solid. The fighters clinch and Diaz goes to a standing Kimura. Denny escapes the position and an armbar transition on the ground. Denny hits the head with his right hand before standing to his feet. Punches from Denny find their target. Diaz answers and backs his opponent up with a jab followed by a right straight, left hook combination. From the clinch, Denny roughs Diaz up with uppercuts. Diaz again answers the assault and hurts Denny with a straight left. Denny falls backwards but stands to eat another left. The last 30 seconds of the round is spent in the center of the cage with Diaz blasting away on the fatigued Denny with a constant flurry.

Round 2

Both fighters come out guns blazing to kickoff the second stanza. Denny is throwing back but getting hit on the button. Diaz is swinging with both hands down, not worried about getting hit. A right hook sets up the beginning of the end. Diaz tags Denny with two left hooks and a right that knock Denny to the floor. The Stockton native stood over his prey and delivered three right-handed power shots to seal the deal. Referee Josh Rosenthal steps in at 0:30 of the second.

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