Saturday, May 28, 2022

Eddie Alvarez Wants Rematch With Hansen, Fight With Gomi

By Chris Howie

Eddie Alvarez spoke with this week and told the website that he would like to have a rematch with Joachim Hansen for the DREAM Lightweight title and he would also like to fight Takanori Gomi as well at some point if it can be made possible.

“I want the Dream belt. I want to show people that’s my belt,” Alvarez stated to MMAWeekly. “I feel like people know in their hearts that I’m the champion. I also feel like I’m the champion, but I don’t have the belt or the check to prove it.”

Alvarez was the only fighter to go without a loss in the DREAM Lightweight Grand Prix recently, but an eye injury in his semi-final bout with Tatsuya Kawajiri forced him out of the tournament and Joachim Hansen would go on to win tourney as a reserve for the injured Alvarez.

Alvarez and Hansen had met in the quarter-finals and Alvarez moved on in the tournament with a decision victory in a very exciting contest, that to date could be considered for Fight of the Year.

Alvarez skyrocketed up the lightweight rankings (currently number three on the Official Rankings) with wins in the DREAM tournament against Andre “Dida” Amade, Hansen and Tatsuya Kawajiri and now looks to fight one of the top lightweights in the world as well, Takanori Gomi.

“I really would like to get to (Takanori) Gomi somehow within these next two fights,” Alvarez also told MMAWeekly. “And whoever I’ve got to fight to get there that’s what I want to do.”

Gomi who is a consensus number two lightweight behind BJ Penn, last fought Dunane Ludwig at Sengoku 1 in March, winning due to a cut in the first round. Prior to that, Gomi lost to Nick Diaz at Pride 33 in February 2007. That fight ended up being ruled a no contest due to Diaz testing positive for Marijuana


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