Saturday, May 28, 2022

Lyoto Machida Removed From UFC 89 Card In England

Lyoto Machida, who was scheduled to face Thiago Silva at UFC 89 when the UFC heads across the Atlantic to England, has told that he will not be competing on the card. The UFC has told the undefeated Brazilian that he would be moved to a future card:

“There’s no way to find and opponent now, and I’ll have to wait another event to fight. I don’t know who’ll I face, UFC didn’t say anything yet, only that I won’t fight at UFC 89”, said Lyoto, sad with the scrapped fight. “It’s sad because I was focused, training hard and prepared, but this kind of things happens. I changed my training now, I’m doing more Karate and working out, doing less MMA stuff”, told Lyoto, who has no idea of who his next opponent will be.

There have been rumors recently that with Silva out due to injurt, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua could fight Machida in either November or December but nothing has been confirmed and Rua has said he might fight pretty much everyone in the Light Heavyweight division recently.

Stay tuned as more on the story develops.


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