Monday, May 16, 2022

UFC 88 RESULTS: Jason Lambert vs. Jason MacDonald

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Jason Lambert vs. Jason MacDonald
Round 1
The two men touch gloves and MacDonald fires a flurry of punches. A couple land and “The Athlete” secures a double-leg takedown. Against the fence, MacDonald passes to half-guard. Lambert looks for a guillotine from half-guard that fails. Lambert manages to get full-guard. MacDonald is staying busy inside the guard, however nothing is landing too hard. MacDonald postures and throws down an elbow that is deflected. MacDonald lands a few punches and an elbow to the face of Lambert. MacDonald is frustrating Lambert with his ground attack. This frustrates the crowd as well. With the closing second of round one Lambert catches the Canadian in a guillotine. It is deep, but time is not on his side. 10-9 MacDonald.

Round 2
The two men start the second round with a flurry of strikes. Lambert landed the cleaner punches but he gets taken down on the heels of the attack. From there, MacDonald passses to mount and take his opponent’s back. MacDonald triangles the body and secures a rear-naked choke, which prompts Lambert to submit at 1:20 of the second stanza.

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