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UFC Fight Night 15 Results: Alan Belcher vs. Ed Herman


Alan Belcher vs. Ed Herman
Round 1
The fighters come out swinging and Herman catches a finger in the eye. He shoots for a single-leg but Belcher has none of it. Belcher fires a low kick and Herman answers with a right hand. A lunging left hook from Herman is countered with a stiff body kick. Herman loads up on a three-piece combo and misses. A right hand lands for Herman as Belcher dropped levels for a body punch. Herman gets the fight to the canvas with a double-leg against the fencing. Herman passes to half-guard and looks for a D’arce choke. Belcher escapes and gets to his feet. Another takedown from Herman follows. Not eeven grabbing the fence prevents Belcher from being deposited on the canvas.

Round 2
Herman leads with a left hook that grazes. He paws out a lazy jab, looking to setup his right hand. Belcher crushes his opponent with a left hook, but Herman shakes the cobwebs free. Herman stands tough in the pocket but his legs are wobbly. Belcher sets up a beautiful right straight to the chin with a snapping body shot. Herman is in trouble but he hangs tough. Belcher attacks the front leg of Herman with a low kick. Herman fires back with a right hand and trips Belcher to the mat into half-guard. Belcher defends and works back to his feet. In the final 10 seconds of the frame, Belcher shows good head movement and a “Superman” punch.

Round 3
Belcher jabs and Herman lands a right hand. Rich Clementi screams from Belcher’s corner: “No kicks Alan! No kicks!” Belcher fires two snapping low kicks and postures to his cornerman. A straight right from Belcher finds its target. Ed Herman rushes forward in search of a single. Belcher backs away and uses his back against the fence to stay on his feet. Herman backs away and gets a single-leg. Herman gets half-guard but does little with the position before Belcher stands. Herman, showing lots of heart, gets a strong double-leg and slams Belcher to the floor. Herman hits the head from half-guard and moves to mount. Was it enough to steal the round?

The official judges see the contest 29-28 (Belcher) twice and 29-28 for Herman. Alan Belcher takes the split decision.


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