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UFC Fight Night 15 Results: Josh Neer vs. Nate Diaz


Josh Neer vs. Nathan Diaz
Round 1
Neer kicks the inside of Diaz’s lead leg and clinches with the TUF champion. Neer slams Diaz to the canvas and works for a D’Arce choke. Diaz escapes the hold and fights off a guillotine. Diaz stands and fights Neer off his back with a standing kimura. The fighters stand toe-to-toe and Neer cracks his opponent with a left hook. Diaz answers with punches to the body and head from close range. From the clinch, Neer connects with an uppercut. Diaz judo throws Neer to the canvas directly into side-control. Neer shows excellent leg work in getting to half guard, where he looked for a heel hook. Neer stood and defended a kneebar, which Diaz countered beautifully by transitioning to Neer’s back. Neer bucked and gave up mount before the round ends.

Round 2
Diaz finds himself on top of Neer early in the second stanza. He uses the kneebar to pass guard but Neer is game. Neer stands and gets on Diaz’s back, where he nearly sunk in a rear-naked choke. Diaz escapes to his guard and goes high with his hips in search of a triangle. Neer stands and lands an axe kick to the body of the downed Diaz. Good action as both fighters scramble for position and end the round against the fencing.

Round 3
Diaz throws left hand leads to the body to start the final period. He drops levels for a single against the cage and Neer stuffs it. Neer reverses position against the fence but ends up on his back with Diaz hovering over closely. Neer stands but is dragged back to the mat. Diaz transitions to his back but he can’t mount any offense. Neer rolls over and briefly gives up mount before Diaz went to his feet. Diaz does not allow Neer to stand as he grabs the heels of the downed fighter and enters his guard. Neer gets to his feet and takes Diaz’s back. Diaz gets Neer of his back and eats some body shots for his effort. Diaz gets a takedown before the round ends.

The official judges score the bout 29-28 (Neer) and 29-28 (twice) for Diaz. Nate Diaz takes the split decision.


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