Saturday, May 28, 2022

UFC 90 RESULTS: Dan Miller vs. Matt Horwich


Round 1
Referee Mike Reid oversees this middleweight bout. Miller starts strong with a superman punch and a takedown. “Suave” stays cool and gets half guard. Miller looks to secure his position but winds up in full guard after a Horwich leglock attempt. Horwich then uses rubber guard to attempt a gogoplata and an omaplata, but neither work. Horwich gets his guard and looks to use the cages to stand up. In a scramble, Horwich gets on top as Miller shoots. Sprawling is Horwich, but the Team Quest fighter ultimately finds himself on his back. Horwich looks to bring his guard high and Miller stacks. After a lull in the action, both men stand up. A left jab and right straight land to the face of Horwich. The fight goes to the floor with Horwich looking for another omaplata. The round concludes. 10-9 Miller.

Round 2
The bout continues as Miller secures a takedown. Horwich then stands and the two fighters clinch. In his unorthodox jiu-jitsu attack, Suave grabs the arm of the former IFL champ and flops to guard. Again on the floor, Horwich uses rubber guard to hook up an omaplata, and this time he uses the attack to get on top and looks to pass the legs of Miller. Miller now tries to utilize the rubber guard himself. With nothing happening, a scramble occurs and Horwich takes Miller’s back. Horwich locks on a body triangle and frames up a rear-naked choke. A resilient Miller defends and is mounted. Horwich lands some blows and Miller gives his back again. The round ends with Horwich’s forearm under the chin of his opponent. 10-9 Horwich.

Round 3
The two fighters touch gloves and start the final frame. Miller takes down his fellow IFL alumni. Again with the rubber-guard, Horwich secures mission control. Another omaplata attempt allows Miller to pass for a brief moment. Horwich then secures full guard again. With his back against the cage, Horwich looks bored as he rests his head on his right arm. Miller fires a few strikes to the face of the Team Quest fighter. Nothing very effective but it’s enough to keep Mike Reid from standing them up. Miller keeps active from the guard with a minute left. Miller stacks the open guard and lands some punches. Horwich is cut under his right eye. The round ends as Horwich lands an upkick. 10-9 Miller.

All three official judges see the contest 29-28 for Dan Miller.


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