Affliction, Trump Try To Distance Themselves From Todd Beard

In an email received from Affliction Inc. this morning the company issued a statement regarding the resignation of Todd Beard from his post following a verbal dispute with Kim and Randy Couture that seen Kim Couture have a restraining order put out on Beard.

From the mail:

“The Board of directors of Affliction Inc. also wanted to clarify that Affliction Entertainment Group LLC. (the promotion company) is not controlled by Affliction Inc. Mr. Beard to its knowledge, is nether an officer, director, or a shareholder of Affliction Entertainment Group LLC. as stated in several periodicals.”

In another statement issed from Donald Trump's side of things:

“Todd Beard was not and has never been an officer, director or shareholder of Affliction Entertainment. The dispute between Mr. Beard and the Coutures stemmed from a long-standing relationship with the clothing line Xtreme Couture. In no way, shape or form does this relationship have any effect on Mr. Trump or the Affliction Entertainment Company. Donald J. Trump and Affliction Entertainment intend on continuing its pursuit to become the premier mixed martial arts league and look forward to the next event scheduled for January 2009.”

Beard is apparently a slimy dude anyway so it may be in the companies best interest to get as far away from him as possible.


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