Filho's Management: The Belt Is In The Mail

After a scheduled middleweight title fight between champion Paulo Filho and challenger Chael Sonnen had to be re-negoiated due to Filho not making the weight of 185lbs for the bout, rumors quitely began to fly that Filho's camp told Sonnen's that if Sonnen wins the bout that Filho would walk across the cage and hand over the title.

“(Filho's) cornermen told us that they would walk across the cage and hand Chael the belt if he wins. When Chael whoops his ass, I expect them to live up to their word.” Matt Lindland told

Sonnen would go on the win the fight via a unanimous decision but Filho never did hand over the title. But fear not, according to another report on Weekly, Sonnen has been contacted and the belt is apparently in the mail:

“His manager did call and said that it's in the mail.” stated Sonnen.


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