Nate Marquardt Makes Claim For TUF 9 Coaching Position

With no one official yet for the coaching gig on season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter to handle the duties as the American coach to challenge UK coach Michael Bisping, Nathan Marquardt makes this claim to the spot in a recent interview with

“[Michael Bisping and Demian Maia] are good fighters. Bisping can go and go, and Maia is good on the ground. But neither one of them has fought anyone who is as good as me or at the same level of fighter that I am. It would be a huge jump in class for them to fight me, and I think I could finish either one of them off in round one or two…. The desire for a rematch with Anderson Silva is obvious, and it’s a great desire of mine. I really feel like I didn’t fight the way I wanted to fight. I just didn’t show up that night. When I was sticking with my game plan, I was winning the fight. I went away from that, and he took advantage of it. The next time we fight, it will be a war and I can’t wait for the opportunity.”


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