Shogun Says Fight With Coleman Will Set Story Straight

Maurcio “Shogun” Rua will make his return to the UFC Octagon after a 15 month hiatus due to injury in December to take on Mark Coleman in a rematch of their Pride 31 bout in February 2006.

The bout would end in controversay when Shogun would break his arm and Coleman was given the rare TKO due to injury victory.

Shogun talks to about the bout:

“Well, I personally would never want to beat someone that way. I wouldn’t celebrate the win and wouldn’t go bragging about it, and that’s what Coleman did the whole time. I was really bothered by him celebrating the win in that way, and afterwards talking a lot of crap about me in interviews. I always respected all the fighters I’ve fought, since I know how hard it is to make it to the top of the list and just getting into the ring means you’re a winner, so they deserve respect. I respect Coleman as an athlete, the guy’s an MMA legend. I hope to have a good fight with him, I’m confident. God willing I’ll win…. In the category in which I fight there are only top guys, so I see about 10 guys I could fight. Coleman really is a guy I want to face, because of our last fight, but I wasn’t sure it would be him. This was good for both of us, we’ll be able to set the story straight.”


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