Sports Illustrated Nominates Kimbo Slice For Turkey Of The Year

In a matter of one year Kimbo Slice went from being one of the biggest names, although not the most talented, in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. In a mere 14 seconds, Slice went from the baddest man in MMA to the Sports Illustrated Turkey of the Year 2008:

“Big, mean, bearded street fighter, an Internet You Tube sensation, gets a crack at a title in a hugely hyped mixed martial arts bout after only three pro fights, faces a last-minute replacement and – of course – has his big, mean, bearded head handed to him 14 seconds later. Snorrrrre.”

It wasn't in fact for a title but was still a big main event before Ken Shamrock had to drop out due to a cut sustained the day of the show and Seth Petruzelli came to the rescue of every true MMA fan and put the aura of Kimbo Slice to bed.


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