UFC 91 RESULTS: Jorge Gurgel vs. Aaron Riley

Credit: Sherdog.com

Jorge Gurgel vs. Aaron Riley
Round 1
Hard kick to Riley’s body starts the fight. An inadvertent kick to Gurgel's groin stops the action. It was accidental. The fight continues. They go right at each other. Both swinging wildly with punches. The pace slows a bit. Huge right kick to Riley’s body. Riley is pressing the action. They trade leg and body kicks. Gurgel throws a series of kicks to Riley’s body and head but they are mostly blocked. Good back and forth action at the bell. 10-9 Gurgel.

Round 2
They pick up where they left off. Neither man wants the fight on the ground. They trade punches and kicks for two minutes. Gurgel trips and is down along the fence. Riley stands over him landing sporadic punches. Gurgel gets up. Big left hook to the jaw from Riley. It rattles Gurgel. Jorge is still throwing that right head kick over and over but Riley blocks it every time. Gurgel pressing the action, but both land hard punches. Inside leg trip from Gurgel with ten seconds left. Riley takes the frame, 10-9.

Round 3
Very close fight thus far. They come out banging away. Good action. Gurgel keeps trying that right head kick. Riley hurts Gurgel with a left head kick and Gurgel is pinned along the fence. Riley tees off but can't finish. He backs away and Gurgel looks okay. The pace slows as both men are tired. A lazy right leg kick from Gurgel allows Riley to trip him. Riley lands some punches but lets him up. Riley stuffs a double leg attempt. Riley lands two decent punches and misses a head kick at bell. Good fight. 10-9 Riley. All three official judges see the contest 29-28 for Aaron Riley.

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