White Boy Society Issues Statement On Matt Hughes Photo

Statement issued regarding the situation that arose over the weekend when picture of Matt Hughes surfaced in what appeared to be a supporting role in selling white power t-shirts:

To whom it may concern,

Matt Hughes is not a member or supporter or associated with the White Boy Society in any way. The photograph was taken at a public autograph signing at Dales Harley-Davidson in Mt. Vernon, IL. Matt Hughes was asked to hold up the shirt for a picture for our website which he did then was rushed off to sign more autographs. The sole purpose of the photo being posted on localwhiteboy.com was as fans of MMA, we were showing off the autograph on the t-shirt. The photo was not meant to mislead people into believing that Matt Hughes supported the White Boy Society or was endorsing our products. All speculation to Mr. Hughes having any association with White Boy Society is absolutely false.


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