Antonio Silva Says He Will Fight In Japan Until Things Are Fixed In USA

Antonio “Big Foot” Silva gives his thoughts on his situation in the USA that has forced him back to Japan to make a living:

No way. We’ve closed with Japan because I’m a professional, I have family, I have a very high cost of living and, besides, I have to fight, be in evidence, and now recently I’ve made further examinations that did not accept, because it was in a particular laboratory, but we’ll do another examination, this time along with a police officer for the Commission of Florida, and will go to the common justice. I simply can’t be accused for something I haven’t done, this story is not over yet. I’m going forward with it and will be solved. I’ll do these fights in Japan until I fix this. They (Athletic Comission) are more flexible now, contacted Alex (Davis, manager of the fighter), saying that after the Armando Garcia’s leaving they don’t want confusion, they want to review the case. They know no one ever fought like I'm fighting for that because they were all guilty, but I’m not.


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