Liddell, Couture Not Thrilled About Possibility Of Fourth Fight

On last week edition of MMA Live on, Franklin McNeil quoted sources close to both Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell as saying that neither fighter is overly “thrilled” about the possibilty of a fourth fight between the two.

Rumors began circulating that the UFC is looking to have Couture and Liddell headline a June show set to take place in Germany when the company makes their debut. The likely event would be UFC 99.

The reasoning behind the possible match up was to basically have a huge headliner for the debut card and it doesn't hurt that Couture knows German so he would be able to play a key role in selling the fight to the German fans.

The two have met three times before with Liddell winning the last two and Couture taking the fight. It is one of the most storied UFC trilogies and with the score being 2-1 another reason that the fight may not be on the top of their respective lists that was able to confirm from a source close to Couture is that if Couture does win the fight it ties it at 2-2 and fans may clamour for a fifth fight and either are getting any younger.

At the time nothing is official and it is all heavy rumors but there may be a good chance this fight happens due to neither guy really have much left for them to do.


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