Miguel Torres Expects To See Best Manny Tapia Ever

From an article on Yahoospots.com in which WEC Bantemweight Champion Miguel Torres talks about the type of fight he expects to have with Manny Tapia tonight at WEC 37:

“I’m expecting by far the best Manny Tapia ever, because I know he knows what a win over me would do for his life. On that one night, he’s going to be as good as he ever has been before, and so I have to be, too…. I love to get hit. I don’t know what it is, but I love it when someone hits me on the chin and I can stand there and come back and land two, three or four shots of my own. The people come because they expect to see us show all of our skills and to put them together as best we can. They expect a lot out of us each time and the one thing I always try to do is to remember the kinds of fights I like to watch. I want to put on the kinds of fights for the fans that I like to see, so I train to do that each time.”


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