MMANews And Eternal Unltd: Technique Of The Week Video 21 and Eternal Unlimited are parterning up again to bring you, the readers of a weekly installment of MMA technique courtesy of the Eternal crew that includes Nick and Nate Diaz, Jake Shields, David Terrell, and Gilbert Melendez.

Eternal Unlimited has some of the biggest and best names in the MMA world under their banner and with that, will provide a new tip every week for everyone to watch in high resolution video. You can access the twenty first technique of the week by clicking HERE.

Eternal Unlimited is also offering the readers of a special for the month of the December. Right now you can purchase two t-shirts from the Eternal Unlimited Couture line and get a speciality shirt free. All you need to do is click HERE for details.

The twenty first tip of the week in the collection comes from Gilbert Melendez. We filmed this video at Gilbert’s new academy in San Franciscon, CA. This week Gil takes us through good counter to a single leg takedown, and finishes with a Omo Plata. Enjoy…

By clicking the box believe you will be re-directed to the and Eternal Unlimited landing page that will be the home to these videos.

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