Steve Cantwell Apologizes To Razak Al Hassan For Broken Arm

Steve Cantwell on his comments following his bout with Razak Al Hassan at UFC: Fight For Our Troops at MMAonTap:

“The only thing I could to end the fight was force the arm until either it broke or he tapped, and that’s what I did. Fighting is always a series of calculated risks, and he had ample opportunity to tap. But none of us enter the ring trying to end each others career, and I do regret the comments I made and being so animated about it afterwards. It was the adrenaline taking over.”

Sure, it sounded bad when he said it but it's not really his fault. Of course he's going to break your arm if you are not going to tap. That's his job. If he has a tight arm bar secured and you have no way out than you have two options, tap or have your arm broken. Al Hassan took the latter option.


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