UFC 92 RESULTS: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir


Round 1
Mir fires a head kick that misses. Mir goes to the inside of Nogueira’s front leg with a low kick. Mir is picking Nogueira apart with punches and kicks early. Mir trips Nogueira to the mat and enters his guard. Mir stands and invites “Minotauro” to follow. Mir blasts Nogueira with an uppercut and another low kick. The pace slows a bit as Mir appears to tire. Nogeuria takes the center of the cage looking fresh with his jab. Mir drops Nogueira to the canvas with a right hand. Mir pounces but patiently stands back to his feet once Nogueira had recovered. To the body with a knee and a left kick goes Mir. Nogueira gets off with his hands for the first time in the bout. Mir scores another knockdown with a right hand at the sound of the bell.

Round 2
Mir attacks with a flurry of punches that come up short. Nogueira answers with a stiff low kick to Mir’s right leg. Mir’s lateral movement is good as he bounces on his toes, moving away from Nogueira’s power. Frank Mir steps forward in the pocket and and puts Noqueira down with two left hooks. Mir finishes the Brazilian with punches on the floor. Referee Herb Dean stops the mauling at 1:54 of the second stage.


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