UFC 92 RESULTS: Matt Hamill vs. Reese Andy


Round 1
The fighters trade punches but nothing clean lands. Hamill dumps Andy onto his back. Andy gets up. Left head kick by Hamill but it’s blocked. Good left kick to body from Andy. Andy tries a takedown but is stuffed and caught in a loose guillotine. Hamill lets it go. Left jab by Andy. Gash opens under Hamill's right eye. Very little action. Looping right hand by Andy near bell. 10-9 Hamill.

Round 2
There's a mouse under Andy’s left eye. Good right hand by hamill. A left and right by Hamill. A hard right knee in the clinch from Hamill. Andy is in trouble. Hamill unloads a furious barrage of punches and another knee. Andy takes another knee and falls. Hamill pounces along the fencing, teeing off with punches. Dozens of punches rain down though most are blocked. Hamill takes his opponent’s back and unloads again. Referee Steve Mazzagatti steps in to halt the bout at the 2:19 mark of round two.


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