UFC 92 RESULTS: Ryo Chonan vs. Brad Blackburn


Round 1
Blackburn walks into the Octagon to the perfectly suited “Bad” from Michael Jackson. No moon walk is performed, unfortunately. They exchange kicks to the body. Good combos from Blackburn early; punches and kicks. Loopy left hook glances Chonan's head. Short left hook from Chonan inside. Not much action. Chonan misses a flying knee and falls onto his back. He springs back up. Blackburn with good leg kick, right cross combo. And another. Chonan is pushing the pace but Blackburn is more active. Close round. 10-9 Blackburn.

Round 2
Chonan starts the second round with a head kick but it’s blocked. Chonan slips as he's punched as he falls onto his back. Blackburn pounces. Chonan is let back up after no damage is inflicted. Hard right- and left-handed punches score for Blackburn. Blackburn shoots for a takedown but it’s stuffed. The pace slows considerably. Hard kick to Blackburn's ribs. A leg kick connects for Chonan. And another. The close round goes to Blackburn, 10-9.

Round 3
Left kick to Blackburn's ribs. And another. Blackburn continues to back away to his left. Very little action. Chonan throws a head kick and it’s blocked. And two more, all of which are blocked. Chonan is starting to look desperate. Blackburn is not taking any chances. The crowd is getting restless. Chonan catches a leg but he can't sweep for the takedown. A hard right uppercut rocks Blackburn with 40 seconds left. Blackburn is retreating. A big straight right by Chonan followed by another uppercut. The third frame is all Chonan, 10-9.

All three official judges score the contest 29-28 for Brad Blackburn.


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