Womens MMA Reality Show Scheuled To Air In 2009

Tony McDonagh sent along the following:

The show will feature eight women who will train and fight it out to become the World’s
#1 Wome ns MMA Fighter. Filming w ill t ake place ov er a n umber of weeks in a 5 Star Exoc
Resort and is expected to start in January 2009.
Audions in Hollywood have already begun and now it’s the UK’s turn to step up to the
challenge. Interested women fighters with a background or basic training in maral arts but not
sh ould co nta ct W a rrior P romoo ns he re in the UK to a pply. Casng ends 15th Dec.
Coaching the contenders will be the UK’s No1 Female Mixed Maral Arts Champion, Dr Rosi Sexton, the Cage Warriors
World Champion. Her opposite number in the show is world renowned Brazillian Jiu Jitsu coach, Cesar Gracie. The show
will be hosted by super model Joanna Krupa, voted `sexiest woman in the world’ and who has featured on over 100
magazine covers. The fight correspondent is ring girl beauty, Marika Taylor.
Aer worldwide audions, eight women will take their make up off and put their gloves on for the chance of a grand prize
to become the #1 MMA Womens Fighng Champion and to make a name for themselves among the toughest women in
the world. The eight women will be plucked from their secure environments, put on a plane and arrive in an exoc
locaon where they will begin their training far from their normal lives.
Their coaches are the best in the world and know what it takes to compete at top levels and will demand perfecon.
Workouts and training sessions will be gruelling and anyone failing to live up to the exacng standards will be sent
Who will follow direcons and who will skip pracce to play? Who will suffer injuries, face relaonship issues or just plain
give up? These women will have the cameras on them at all mes for the audience to see and hear their confessions and
confrontaons, their past experiences and their future dreams as they share with their roommates and coaches. We’ll
learn more about the life they le behind including their boyfriend, girlfriend or family and what these loved ones think
about their choice to fight and what winning or losing this compeon means to them.
The programme is produced by Lyle Howry Producons, Hollywood, CA and will be available for general release through
its distribuon partners. The company has a nine year record in filming and producon of Fighng Programmes for TV.
About Mixed Maral Arts
MMA is the combinaon of a number of maral arts disciplines inc; Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing and
Muay Thai. Somemes known as `Cage Fighng’, the sport aracted controversy in its earlier days to become the biggest
full contact combat sport in the world today.
MMA is the fastest growing sport in the USA & Europe and is expected to be worth 2.2 billion by 2010. The biggest
exponent of the sport, Ulmate Fighng Championship (UFC) has staged over 90 events so far and has overtaken
convenonal Boxing PPV figures, while aracng live audiences in the UK of 20,000.
About Warrior Promoons
Warrior Promoons is one the longest established MMA promoon in the UK, having staged over 37 successful events
since 2002 through its Cage Warriors Fighng Championship promoon, retaining notable stars such as; Michael Bisping,
Dan Hardy, Gegard Mousasi, Jeff Monson, Antonio De Silva Junior & Rosi Sexton as its current Title Belt Holders.
It is also a successful UK management agency for aspiring MMA fighters and retains and constantly develops worldwide
links within the sport. 2009 will herald an all new line up of the `Brish Warriors’ as an invincible force to dominate MMA
around the world as it travels across Europe, Asia and the Americas in its quest for global submission. 2TUF2TAP, the
signature brand owned by Warrior Promoons will also be surging back onto retailers shelves as part of a massive
markeng and media campaign and spearheaded by a series of MMA events.


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