Affliction 2 Results: Albert Rios vs. Antonio Duarte


Round 1
Rios shoots a single leg and gets it after a brief struggle. Duarte gets back to his feet and takes the center of the ring. Rios fires a one-two that falls just short. The fighters clash leg kicks, canceling each other. Duarte lands a clean right hand that knocks Rios to the floor. They scramble on the ground for positioning and end up back on their feet. Rios picks Duarte up and deposits him on the canvas with a body lock. Duarte sweeps and takes the top position, where he lands a few punches. Rios stands and is caught in a guillotine. Showing good defense, Rios escapes but give up north-south position in the process. Rios gets to his feet and samples a kick to the thigh for his effort. Duarte’s footwork is crisp as the first frame closes.

Round 2
From the clinch, Duarte connects a knee to the body of Rios. A left hook leads scores for Duarte. To the lower body goes Duarte with two kicks. Duarte circles around the ring and is taken down by a Rios single. Rios, in side-control, attempts to transition to his opponent’s back, but fails. Duarte gets to a standing position and absorbs a hard kick to his lead leg. And another. A nice jab from Rios cracks the chin. The action has slowed a touch after a furious pace to start the bout. Duarte counters a low kick with a right straight that lands. Rios drops levels for a takedown, but Duarte stuffs it against the ropes.

Round 3
The fighters come out slugging to kick off the final frame. Rios gets busy with low kicks. Just when it looked like Duarte was starting to gain momentum, Rios connects with a left that backs his opponent off. Duarte scores with an uppercut to the chin. Rios ducks under a loaded-up right hand but he can’t finish a single. Rios switches to a double, but Duarte is game. Now in the center of the ring with 60 seconds remaining, both fighters land glancing leather. A low kick from Duarte is checked in the final seconds. Albert Rios def. Antonio Duarte via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).


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