Affliction 2 Results: Bao Quach vs. L.C. Davis


Round 1
Davis cracks an off-balance Quach with a right hand. The fight briefly hits the ground with Quach holding a guillotine before both fighters stand. A standing elbow from Quach finds its target. Davis fails on a single leg, but gets vengeance with a powerful double as he lifts Quach into the air and deposits him on the floor. Quach looks for an armbar before taking the top position. He mounts Davis and hits the head with his right hand. Right elbows follow. Quach connects with two hard elbows that prompt Davis to give turn over. Quach locks on a rear-naked choke, but he can’t finish in time. The horn sounds with Quach heeling the liver while applying the choke.

Round 2
Davis scores with a right hand before being taken down. Quach moves to side control and almost secures an armbar before being forced back to half guard. Quach advances to the mount, where he wastes no time in going back to the elbows. Quach gives up position on an armbar attempt. Davis, now in Quach’s guard, throws a left elbow of his own. Quach goes for a kimura and uses the hold to get to his knees. Davis absolutely tees off with punches that rock Quach. Bao Quach gets to his feet and holds the ropes to defend another takedown. Referee Doc Hamilton issues a warning for the foul. Davis lands knees to the body from the clinch as time expires.

Round 3
A left cross connects for Davis to start the final stanza. Davis gets a takedown into Quach’s guard. The IFL veteran elbows the head and punches the body. Quach gets to his knees and defends a D’Arce choke before scoring a single of his own. Davis gets back to his feet and is drug back to the canvas. Davis stands and grabs the ropes, but it doesn’t stop Quach from muscling him to the ground. Hamilton issues a warning to both men. Davis executes a slick trip and ends up in Quach’s guard. Davis tees off with punches and elbows from both arms. Davis has taken over the fight with 90 seconds remaining. Quach shows signs of punishment as he bleeds under his left eye. Quach wrestles to his knees but he is firmly controlled by Davis, who keeps his base and punches the body. All three official judges see the bout 29-28 for L.C. Davis.


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