Affliction 2 Results: Dan Lauzon vs. Bobby Green


Round 1
Heavy leather being thrown around from both athletes. Green loads up some knees that miss small. The fighters clinch and Lauzon goes to the canvas following an accidental kick to the cup. Time is given by referee Herb Dean for Lauzon to recover. Action is resumed and the fight hits the floor after Lauzon pulls guard. Green tees off with punches and stands. He throws Lauzon back to the floor and fights off a triangle choke. Green stands and knees Lauzon directly on the groin protector. Lauzon folds and Dean issues a warning. The fight is back on, and sure enough, Green kicks Lauzon in the groin. A point is taken and Dean is discussing the situation with a commission official. Lauzon says he can continue and the fight is restarted again. Lauzon pulls guard and Green lands some heavy punches. Lauzon locks on a heelhook and the hold is tight. Green escapes but ends up with Lauzon on his back. Lauzon locks on a rear-naked choke and solicits a tap from Green.


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