Affliction 2 Results: Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel


Round 1
Yvel lands a hard low kick to the left leg of Barnett. Barnett clinches and Yvel tees off with short punches. Taking lots of punishment, Barnett smartly drags Yvel to the floor. From half guard, Barnett answers with elbows to the face. Barnett punches the head with his right hand and goes for a kimura. Yvel frees his left arm but Barnett immediately slaps on another kimura. From half-guard, Barnett tweaks the arm but he can’t finish. Barnett raises his posture to punch before advancing to side-control. Now back in half guard, Barnett applies another kimura before moving to mount. Barnett tees off and Yvel punches back. Yvel rolls over and takes a beating but he survives. Yvel stands and exhanges a punching flurry at the sound of the horn. Great round.

Round 2
Barnett gets a quick takedown to start round two. From half guard, he goes back to his trusty kimura. Yvel frees himself and does a good job of keeping half guard as Barnett tries to advance his position. Punches from Barnett clear a path to the mount. Barnett takes the dominant perch and punches the head with both hands. On the bottom in mount, Yvel returns fire from his back. A heavy elbow from Barnett finds its target. Yvel gets in punches from his back again, but pays for it. Barnett tees off. With 15 seconds remaining, Barnett goes for an arm bar and loses position. Yvel stands to end the round.

Round 3
Again Barnett wastes no time in taking the action to the floor. He quickly advances to mount and commences a beating. Yvel bucks trying to get Barnett off, but the effort is futile. Yvel exchanges blows one more time before rolling over and tapping from punishment at 3:05 of round three.


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