Affliction 2 Results: Paul Buentello vs. Kirill Sidelnikov


Round 1
The heavyweights throw bombs from the get go, with Buentello getting the best of the exchange with a jab to exit. Sidelnikov clinches with Buentello against the ropes and hits the head hard with his right hand. Buentello pushes his way off the ropes and jabs the left eye of the Russian, who sports a mouse in only 90 seconds of action. Sidelnikov goes back to the clinch, where he dirty boxes from the inside. Buentello lands a hard right hand and a right-handed counter that stops the younger fighter in his tracks. Sidelnikov gets back to the clinch, where he throws a knee to the body that connects. Buentello lands a knee to the body of his own and a right hand before the horn sounds.

Round 2
Sidelnikov slips throwing a low kick but Buentello doesn’t capitalize. Buentello lands a right hand right down the pipe. A stiff jab from Buentello snaps his opponent’s head back. Buentello peppers the Russian’s head with a left and a right. Sidelnikov lands a right hand and attacks wildly with windmill punches. Buentello ties him up and waves his finger at the crowd as to say, “No way, I’m fine.” Buentello breaks the clinch and sprawls on a slow Sidelnikov single-leg attempt. A left hand from Buentello rocks Sidelnikov, but he shakes it off. Sidelnikov eats two jabs after missing a head kick. And another hard jab. Buentello is dominating through 10 minutes of action.

Round 3
Sidelnikov stalks Buentello down and throws a hard kick to the thigh. Buentello goes to the body with a straight left. And another. Back to the jab goes Buentello. A hard right uppercut blasts Sidelnikov. A right hand lands after Buentello catches a low kick. A jab from Buentello rocks Sidelnikov’s world as he stumbles backwards, knocking his mouthguard to the floor. Referee “Big” John McCarthy asks Sidelnikov if he wants to continue. No answer is given but the fight is resumed. More jabs land and the tired Sidelnikov is having trouble keeping his mouthpiece in out of fatigue. McCarthy stops the action to retrieve the mouthpiece, and the fight is stopped after a ringside doctor doesn’t like what he sees from Sidelnikov. Impressive performance from Buentello.


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