Affliction 2 Results: Rogerio Nogueira vs. Vladimir Matyushenko


A very slow pace dictates the opening minute of combat. Both fighters circle in the center of the ring but neither pulls the trigger. Finally some action at the 3:30 mark as Nogueira opens up with a punching combo. The crowd begins to shower the ring with boos at the midway point of the opening round. The crowd grows more restless as the feeling out process continues to unfold. Nogueira jabs lazily twice and connects with a hard inside-leg kick. Matyushenko sneaks in a straight right to the body and runs away. Nogueira is stalking the UFC vetaround the ring and lands a clean knee to the chin before the horn sounds. Those in attendance let the fighters hear it after a lackluster round.

Round 2
Matyushenko remains tentative. Out of nowhere, Nogueira is rocked with a right hook on the ear. Matyushenko assaults the Brazilian with a flurry of punches that open a cut under the right eye of Nogueira. A left hook from Nogueira opens a cut near the right eye of Matyushenko. Matyushenko lands a left straight from a southpaw stance before switching to an orthodox base. Nogueira chases Matyushenko around the ring with punches and knees. A hard knee to the body and a left straight hurts Matyushenko. A final knee to the chin causes Vladimir to crumble. Referee Doc Hamilton steps in to halt the contest at the 4:26 mark of round two.


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