Affliction 2 Results: Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Renato Sobral


Round 1

“Babalu” rallied in round two.Sobral attempts to throw Sokoudjou to the floor but the Pride veteran is game. Sobral nearly finishes a takedown but Sokoudjou gets tied up in the ropes. Referee McCarthy restarts the fighters in the clinch along the ropes. Sokoudjou defends a trip and ends up in Sobral’s guard, where he tees off with right elbows. Sobral gets to his feet and fails on a single-leg attempt. Sobral clinches tightly with Sokoudjou in the corner. Sobral knees the thigh before McCarthy restarts the action in the center of the ring. A front kick from Sobral connects with the chest before time expires.

Round 2
A Sobral jab is countered by a hard Sokoudjou right uppercut. Sobral gets a takedown into Sokoudjou’s guard. Sobral hammerfists with his left hand and elbows with his right. McCarthy moves the fighters to the center of the ring in the same position. Sobral looks for a mount and transitions to a D’Arce to set up an anaconda choke. The hold is tight and Sokoudjou taps quickly at the 2:36 mark.


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