Affliction: Day Of Reckoning Results: Brett Cooper vs. Patrick Speight


Round 1
Cooper, sporting a large grin, paws out a lazy jab. Speight tries to connect with some low kicks but he falls short. A left hook lead from Speight finds a home on the jaw of Cooper. Cooper gets busy with his hands and lands a combo. Speight answers with a counter right. Cooper connects with a right hand on the heels of a stiff jab. To the body goes Cooper with a digging left hook. At the midway point of the round, a hard right lands for Cooper. Speight lands a beautiful jab. Speight pieces together a nice left and a right in quick succession, followed by a low kick. Cooper keeps up with his opponent’s pace with two hard right hand leads. Speight drops levels for a single and ends up pulling guard. Cooper gets to his feet and kicks the legs of his grounded opponent.

Round 2
Cooper stays with his jab to start round two. Speight gets busy with his jab as well, but he seems content to counter with his left hook. Speight, with blood trickling from his nose, gets hit with a hard body shot. Speight slips and Cooper takes the top position on the ground. Cooper, on top in half guard, works elbows and punches to the head with his left hand. Speight gets to guard and goes high with his hips in search of a triangle. Cooper stuffs it and hits the ribs with his right hand. Speight goes to a rubber guard, but Cooper has none of it. He stands and invites his opponent to follow. Cooper lands a hard right uppercut that puts Speight down for the count. Referee Doc Hamilton saves Speight at 4:10 of the second frame.


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