Friday, January 21, 2022

Alan Belcher Talks UFC 93 Bout With Denis Kang

The Canadian Press recently caught up with Alan Belcher and the UFC middleweight had the following to say regarding his opponent, Denis Kang:

“If I could fight the guys in the UFC in a Muay Thai fight, I think I would destroy them, it wouldn’t even be close. I wouldn’t have to hold back. But you’ve got to worry about the takedowns and stuff like that…I’m getting to the point where it’s hard for anybody to take me down. I mean [Kang’s] going to have to work really hard. If he’s on his best day, his best performance, it’s still going to be hard for him to take me down at all and then if he does then I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve for him. You never know, I’m might slap a triangle or something on him.”



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