Andrei Arlovski Dwells On Loss To Fedor At Affliction

Cage Writer has the following quote from Andrei Arlovski following his loss to WAMMA Heavyweight Champ Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction: Day Of Reckoning last night:

“I did pretty good in the first few minutes. But then I tried to do something flashy and paid for it. I have to sit down with myself and figure out why I didn’t listen to my trainers…. Every single jab or right hand, I thought that I hurt him. It was very effective for me. I don’t know why I changed my tactic. One little mistake and I paid for this. All my hard work and training, I just threw it in the toilet. Tonight it was a great opportunity for me to make history. I’m really worried that somebody will beat Fedor. I just want to wish him that he’s wins against all his next opponents until our next match…. He’s a great fighter (but) sooner or later someone will beat him. I’m very upset with myself that I wasn’t that person. You know he’s a human.”

It's easy to say you think someone will beat Fedor after he knocked you out cold. People fail too realize that just because you hit Fedor or land a few shots doesn't in fact mean you are getting the better of him because at any given moment he can KO you or submit you. It's not how with Fedor, it's when.


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